Property in Albania

Property in Albania

     Today in Albania, private property, as in many countries of the world is protected by law. The Constitution of the Republic of Albania protects and guarantees private property by law. The business of "Real estate" is very popular and widespread in almost all cities of Albania, is a new business, developed in recent years so there is more to be done to achieve professional levels. Officially, this business does not have specific laws or legal provisions to be protected from abuse and informality. Opening  a new agency, it only takes a census in NRC (National Registration Center) and the payment of local taxes and tax them as a Individual  Person (PF *in Albanian) Instead of history      

        Until 1944, when Albania changes to the communist regime, private property was recognized and protected by law. Often their ownership document was several hundred years old in good conditions archives of the Ottoman Empire, but except notary documents of title to ownership change, no trace of the presence of intermediaries documented.

        After the war, the communist regime legally sanction private property and an agrarian reform initiated in 46 years took away the right of ownership of hundreds of families who had inherited for centuries by giving free peasant families by spirits. Another crime against property, by the communist regime left the collectivization of all private property not yet completed agrarian reform. And finally in 1976 with the constitution, the notion of private property or private business eventually disappeared from the communist Albanian state laws. The entire population lived in flats built through voluntary or state and state-owned. In the late '90s with the liberalization of some sectors and creating conditions for a new democratic movement, they are the first beginnings of some individuals more sporadic and small in numbers that began to exchange information on apartments for rent at most symbolic remuneration by the cases could be eating a lunch shared at the end of the negotiation. In '92 n Albania change regime, private property being protected by the law of the new Albanian Constitution.

        The return of private property and liberalization of private business marked the first journey towards business instituting mediation "Real estate" in Albania. Small number of Individuals, were in certain places in some major cities and exchanging information between sellers and buyers for a fee and random variable amount. These were "brokers" first. Business Beginnings "Real estate" in Albania

        With the opening of Albania to the world and the implementation of capitalism in the country came the establishment of private businesses and most importantly the privatization of housing and state property brought not only the creation of the first institutions of state dealing with property and laws, but also creating offices before "Real estate" by some "intermediaries" more successful "visionaries" of the time. Many individuals, brokers, intermediaries, opened their offices being self-employed. Persons who exercise their occupation were inexperienced, and without adequate business knowledge. In the following years the numbers of offices grow.

        After 2000, almost all cities of Albania flourished powerful construction business and migration interior of Albanian families brought Swamped by all sides of Albania towards the main cities, especially Tirana, the capital and Durres, the biggest city behind it. Many construction firms established their sales offices, dealing with properties produced by them. By 2009, officially named "imobliliare agency" in the NRC were registered about 240 subjects, although very few of them develop this activity. Each agency "Real estate" no matter how developed or income was, always functioned as a self-employed individual. Best of them were union maximum of 2 -3 individuals (brokers) or an employee how to keep the office open. Current and perspective In 2000, Albania has purchased patents REMAX, but no agency is not open her up to 2011. In 2008 Albania introduced the "Century 21" buy as patent, initially with an office and then to 2- 3 others. Their franchise system did not work for distribution in Albania, probably from high acquisition fees of the patent. Their innovation was that, for the first time introduces the concept of agents. Offices "Century 21" worked with brokers and agents. In 2009 some agencies tried creating the "Union Property", a union of "Real estate" agencies in Albania. This organization continues even today but without proper organizational structure and investments.

       Today in Albania operate less agency "Real estate". This business currently includes several categories; a.) Realtor or individuals (illegal) with no license. Their share the information only for 50 USD to 1% commission by the sales transaction. b.) Sales offices of construction companies.  They operate with the employee, an office for the business world and modest infrastructure. Only sell or manage their properties. c.) Services agencies (travel tickets, real estates, office printing etc.) self-employed or one employee only. No agents. Commission is 1-2% of the value of the seller and 0-1% by the buyer d.) The "Real estate" office is fewer in number but their offer serious service. They work with agents. They have infrastructure. The commission is 2-3% of the value of sellers and 0-1% from the buyers. It is worth mentioning the fact that the business operators are cooperating very little between them. Client buyer or sellers use all channels to avoid agency and the payment of commission. No lows by government or institutions to protect the business. This is the reason that agencies is not collaborating with each other.

     Currently in Albania there are agencies and individuals who have created years of experience and worked very hard in this business. The future
Albanian market has more potential for this business, second after construction business, is one of the major sources of income in Albania and the movement of people to the big cities is still growing. 
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